Representative Cases

Transactions and Counseling

  • Outside General Counsel for a group of inland river barge, towing and warehousing companies
  • Co-Counsel to the board of trustees of a maritime pension trust (since 1995)
  • Represented a major barge line in the multimillion dollar sale of its liquid division
  • Represented inland river transportation companies in acquiring a gulf-based fleeting business
  • Drafted maritime lien and other standard terms and conditions for various barge companies
  • Drafted storage, transloading, operating and rail agreements for warehouses and terminals
  • Represented a major barge fleet in redocumenting its newly acquired fleet of thousands of barges
  • In separate matters, Counsel to borrowers and lenders, respectively, in maritime financing deals
  • Represented riverfront homeowners whose properties were threatened by a proposed marine terminal
  • Represented port authority in railroad negotiations and on various marine issues


  • SCF Waxler Marine LLC v, M/V ARIS T, et al., 2022 WL 202311 (5th Cir. 1/24/22) (Represented prevailing party SCF in complex marine casualty case)
  • Terral River Service and Navigators Insurance Company v. SCF Marine Inc. and Vessel Holdings 7, LLC, 20 F. 4th 1015 (5th Cir. 2021) (Represented prevailing parties SCF and Vessel Holdings 7 in defeating $700,000 cargo loss claim; summary judgment affirmed on appeal; also successfully excluded expert testimony by plaintiffs’ surveyor and metallurgist)
  • Supreme Rice, LLC v. Turn Services, LLC, 2021 WL 2592896 (U.S.D.C. E.D. LA 6/24/2021) (Obtained summary judgment for third-party defendant SCF Marine Inc. on cargo contamination claims exceeding $1 million)
  • In re American Milling Company, 409 F. 3d 1005 (8th Cir. 2005) (Represented successful limitation of liability petitioner, thereby minimizing its exposure in a multi-million dollar marine casualty case)
  • United States v. Mallinckrodt and Shell, et al., various cases numbers (E.D. MO) (Obtained favorable settlement for owner of polluted Great Lakes Container site in CERCLA litigation; separately convinced his insurer to help fund the defense based upon coverage analysis I created from decades-old policy correspondence, since policies were missing and had been discarded years earlier)
  • Falco Lime, Inc. v. Tide Towing Co., 29 F. 3d 362 (8th Cir. 1994) (Obtained judgment as a matter of law at trial, on a contract defense, for a towing company that had grounded barges in the Memphis harbor)
  • Eagle Marine v. 43,000 tons of Wood Chips, Case No. 2:98-CV01910 (E.D. LA 1998) (On behalf of client Eagle Marine, we successfully enforced a maritime lien for hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid barge freight against more than 43,000 tons of wood chips, located on a pad in New Orleans and in barges. Enforcement of the lien caused the shipper’s customer to pay for the barge freight after the shipper had become insolvent)

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